BLACKOUT – Supporting the black community!

Be sure to check out and follow these music artist breaking into the industry within our black community.
@pfasho1 is an artist and songwriter from south London. He first emerged with his track “Bill it up” and continually providing different flows and sauce unlike his other peers in the rap game. He strives to provide new and authentic sounds that speak his music language for his listeners.
@itsccane is a London based female rapper and Grime MC, causing a storm in the UK with her live performances, her live sessions and acoustic sets playing her guitar and piano. She an all- round performer when it comes to musically expressing. C Cane is best known for her explosive bars and her multi-lingual flow. You can also catch her on your airwaves as she is also a presenter on @reprezentradio talking all things music.
@jordsonline is a song writer from South London who has made his presence known by being an effortless talent; combining clever lyrics with raw emotion and thought-provoking concepts. He has the ability to captivate an audience with his immersive word play. He has recently released a single called “Black and ready” a tribute the BLM movement, out on all digital platforms.
@frjoey has been breaking through the RnB music industry with his new leading single “Wholesome” which will be featuring on his NEW EP #HitTheRoads set to be released this coming summer. With an innate flare for storytelling, FR uses his music to create distinct but relatable narratives stemming from his musical inspirations hail from Hip-hop, Grime, RnB/soul. Be sure to check out his NEW single – #Digital OUT NOW on all digital platforms.
@queeniesaidso is a South London based Grime MC and has been since a teenager. The artist seamlessly switches between flows. She engages with her audience each time as she delivers her punchlines each time as her musical journey continues to expand. Follow these artists that are next up in the UK when it comes to music, culture, fashion and art.

A HUGE thank you to @Davatipr for allowing me to input my thoughts through their platform discussing some real important issues and topics that the black community have been facing for centuries. It is crucial that we shine light on the importance of what is happening now and ways in which we could contribute to supporting these organisations and businesses. Be sure to follow these artists, businesses and support groups on social media. #BlackLivesmatters

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